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Machines for sharpening hairdressing tools

Scissors are the main tool of every hairdresser. At the same time, scissors are divided into straight, hot, thinning, and also there are separately scissors for slicing. On average, the cost of some scissors reaches 50 euros, however, there are varieties of tools, the price of which reaches several thousand dollars. The main duty of a professional hairdresser is to keep your tool in order. Sharpening of the hairdresser's tool should be done at least 6-8 months. Everyone can master the art of machine tool sharpening. At ADEMS, you can not only purchase professional machines, but also undergo specialized training in sharpening scissors and hairdressing machines.
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When sharpening a hairdressing tool is required

To cut your hair neatly and not to spoil your hair, you need well-sharpened scissors. Over time, any scissors become dull, especially if they work several hours a day. In addition, periodically sharpening hairdressing machines is required. There are three rules by which you can determine the degree of tool wear:

  • Change the color of the edges of the scissors;

  • Loose fit of tool blades;

  • The presence of burrs and bumps on the blade.

If you find at least one of the listed symptoms, you should turn to the tool sharpening master for a solution to the problem. At the same time, not every master can produce professional sharpening of a hairdresser's tool. To do this, you need a machine specifically designed for sharpening. Specialized equipment for sharpening a hairdressing tool requires certain skills and craftsmanship. Not to mention the fact that the process of sharpening scissors is laborious and complicated. At the same time, one can always learn this demanded business.

Sharpening hairdressing scissors is made at a certain angle. Careful refinement will also be required. Scissors for thinning are sharpened in a special way. One cutting half is sharpened like regular hairdressing scissors, and the other - depending on the presence of a pattern or notch.

The machine for sharpening a hairdressing tool will allow you to maintain all components in an acute state. The work of the master is thereby facilitated, and the client remains satisfied. You can buy machines for sharpening in our online store at an affordable price.

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