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Grinding machines for grooming and veterinary instruments

Grooming - pet care. Every day the number of specialized salons providing services in styling and grooming of pets is growing. In turn, professional sharpening of a groomer tool is also required. However, there are not many masters in servicing tools for grooming. But to become one, you must first purchase a high-quality machine for sharpening grooming and veterinary instruments. At ADEMS, you can buy a sharpening machine, depending on qualifications. Our assortment offers first-class equipment that will allow for high-quality sharpening of scissors, clippers, clippers, etc. And to master the skill of sharpening a groomer tool will help specialized courses.
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Types of grooming tools

Pet care studios and salons work daily with many different tools. In addition to combs, in the hands of masters are always:

  • Scissors;

  • Trimmers;

  • Trimmers;

  • Fruminators;

  • Nail clippers.

All this must be sharpened in time, because the quality of the haircut directly depends on the quality of the sharpened tool. At the same time, it is important to understand that sharpening a veterinary instrument requires special skills and mastery. First of all, special tools have been developed for sharpening such a tool. Also, groomer tools differ in shape, length and technology of the haircut itself. The fact is that animal hair, due to stiffness, is sheared at a certain slope. Hence the specific features of sharpening tools for grooming.

It is worth noting several non-standard features of tools in this area. So, scissors are usually longer than hairdressers. At the same time, for cutting muzzles, paws and ears, short scissors with rounded ends are used. In everyday practice, scissors curved in the longitudinal plane and having micro notches are used. In addition, groomers often use clippers that are equipped with a large number of interchangeable knives.

This is only a small part of the specific features of groomer tools. And each of them is important to be able to sharpen competently. Machines for sharpening veterinary and grooming tools are designed for high-quality sharpening of scissors and machines. And specialized courses will help to become the best of the best in this field.

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