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All sharpening machines are divided by type of application. The ADEMS catalog offers a wide selection of machines for sharpening manicure and pedicure tools, hairdressing supplies, knives, garden, medical, dental and veterinary tools. A separate section is devoted to the sharpening meat and fish knives.

In almost every area where cutting tools are used, sharpening is necessary. Scissors, knives, surgical instruments, saws, wire cutters - all this and much more becomes dull over time. And as you know, a blunt tool is difficult to do the job efficiently, you have to use twice as much effort. In addition, a blunt blade can be easily harmed. Therefore, sharpening tools is necessary as often as possible. Moreover, it is important to entrust this process to professionals.

The ADEMS catalog contains a wide range of machines for various types of tools. Also, a selection of belt grinding machines is presented for you. With us you can always buy such widely demanded machines as: GMT, Full Drive, Manicure, Light, Front Plate Inventer, Tesar and many others. A separate section is devoted to consumables: abrasive wheels, belts, bars, holders, etc.

In the section "Accessories" are accessories for machines. You can also learn a popular profession at ADEMS. A large selection of training courses will allow you to choose the right direction. The catalog contains both intramural and extramural (remote format) courses.

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