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ADEMS&ZM - hairdressing scissors honing machine
Vendor code : 17A00001

The machine is designed for honing (grinding) the back surfaces of blades of hairdressing, grooming, tailoring and household scissors. 

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105,000 ₽
Advantage ADEMS&ZM - hairdressing scissors honing machine
  • The first and only industrially produced scissors honing machine as of today!
  • Helps with repairing considerable defects of scissor blades, which cannot be repaired in any other way.
  • Precise and smooth adjustment of the cutting edge’s height.
  • Firm fixation of the blade in one position.
  • Reproducible accuracy of the blade’s positioning for intermediate sharpening of the blade and its repositioning.
  • Scale for height adjustment of the cutting edge.
  • Integrated system for preventing axial and radial run-out of abrasive wheels.
  • Equipped with all necessary accessories and consumables for quick and high-quality grinding of scissors.
  • Integrated frequency converter for adjusting the motor speed without losing power.
  • Installed system for quick change and fixation of abrasive wheels provides for quick wheel changing in 20 seconds.
  • The holder arm design includes industrial-grade bearings to make movement of the clamp with the tool smooth and eliminate backlash when honing.
  • Improved motor shaft makes it possible to avoid vibration and runout during operation.
Function ADEMS&ZM - hairdressing scissors honing machine
Manicure or pedicure instrument
Hairdressing tool
Grooming or veterinary instrument
Medical or dental instrument
Knives for meat and fish processing industries
Other knives
Household, carpentry or garden tools
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ADEMS&ZM - hairdressing scissors honing machine
Vendor code : 17A00001
Detailed description
105,000 ₽
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